Odyssey Innovative Designs® DJ Videos

DJ Cheese - 1986 DMC World Champion @ Crotona Park Jams

Park Jams Diggers Delight - New York, NY

DJ Gigs 2012 Part 2: Friday Night In Hollywood, CA @ The Blu Monkey presented by Odyssey Cases

DJ Gigs 2012 Part 1: Summer House Party by the Pool presented by Odyssey Cases

Trek Life & DJ Tommy Blak at Paid Dues

DJ Josh Bliss and DJ Luxor in Odyssey's featured video, A Mix in Vegas

DJ Jam video blogging Redline BRLBACKSPIN2 at Odyssey headquarter, San Gabriel, CA.

Internationally-renowned recording artist, emcee, DJ/producer, Trek Life setting up on a couple decks at Store13 in Pasadena, CA.

DJ/Producer TAKE aka Sweatson Klank at his home studio in Hollywood, CA

Underground DJ/Producer Heat Maxwell setting up his Numark NS7 rig above the Stussy LA offices.

Cypress Hill's B-Real live during his weekly online show on Breal.tv in his studio loft in Downtown Los Angeles.

DJ/Producer A-Bomb mixing in his project studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Legendary DJs Tony G and Julio G representing at their studio lounge in East Los Angeles.

DJ Wrex on cuts in the Acrylick flagship store in Azusa, CA.

Odyssey presents Ableton and Serato as they introduced their co-developed DJ/producer program, The Bridge, with a worldwide tour featuring artists such as DJ Revolution.

Scratch artist and DMC Champion, DJ Etronik on the cuts.

DJ/Producer JustinCase setting up for his weekly gig at Bodega Bar in Pasadena, CA.

Producer/DJ/Musician, JMV of the band De Signer as he scopes out new music and digs at Turntable Lab Los Angeles

DJ/Producer Skeet Skeet remixing at this creative space MEGA in Echo Park, CA.